Welcome to The Seven Nomads

We are a family of seven starting out in our 26' class C RV to cross the US from west to east. We are roadschooling, stopping at sides of interest and having a fun time setting up our stand at Fleamarkets and promoting mom's book on the way. Come and join us. Dad Tim, Mom Willow, Michael, Christopher, Thomas, Benjamin and Sarah.

Monday, January 30, 2012

I love Fleamarkets

How I love going to the Fleamarkets. On Sunday we went to a new market in Harlingen, TX. A very small, dingy market which was very well visited. I had more then enough space to display my jewelry, in fact I had two long tables in our space sitting empty. Next Sunday we will bring all our stuff for sell. Sarah was acting like my sells person. She even counted back change to a customer, she did this so well being only 4 years old, the customer gave her a $1 tip. She was sooo proud she went to a stand who sold stuffed animals and bought 5 of them. I love these little moments, and I love that we are able to live this lifestyle and did I mengen I love Fleamarkets???